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Foot Reflexology

A relaxing treatment that works your whole body. It helps boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

Hand Reflexology

A great alternative if you don't like having your feet touched. Hand reflexology uses the same principles, massaging specific points and reflexes to relax the body. It is an excellent way for you to work reflexes between treatments to prolong the benefits.

Advanced Fertility Reflexology (Reproflexology)

There are many conditions that affect male and female fertility – such as PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhea and low sperm count. I trained with Barbara Scott – Chair of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists – to help identify, understand and support your specific needs. All with the aim to help improve your chances of conception.  

Maternity Reflexology

This deeply relaxing treatment helps support you throughout all stages of pregnancy. 

Reflexology for Menopause

A time to pause and reframe your life, reflexology can help support you through peri-menopause, menopause and beyond.




Beginning with a consultation to ascertain your lifestyle and any health concerns, I create a specific treatment plan. I follow this with a warm-up routine on a couch which can be heated to your preferred temperature, to increase your circulation and help you relax.


By using special pressure techniques to stimulate the points on your feet or hands, I work to detect and treat any imbalances in your tissues, organs and systems of your body.  

The treatment itself lasts approximately 45 minutes. Post treatment, I will advise you of the importance of increasing your water fluid intake for the remainder of the day, and avoiding any strenuous activities. I may also show you how to work particular reflex points on your hands to support you between treatments.


Clients mainly report feeling very relaxed following treatment and often find they have a very good nights sleep. It is also possible to experience a surge in energy or increased emotions.


The amount of treatments necessary will depend upon the length of time any imbalances have built up, their severity and how quickly you respond to the treatment.

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